The Grimoire Necronium is a powerful necromantic tome. It was created by W'soran, one of the first vampires and the only one to remain loyal to Nagash. In exchange, the arch-necromancer allowed W'soran to study his own tomes of sorcery, the Nine Books of Nagash. W'soran combined their lore with his own studies of the spirit realm and later, his apprentice Melkhior continued his work.

W'soran wholeheartedly believed in the vision of Nagash - a world devoid of life, so that no god or daemon could ever claim a soul again. The Grimoire Necronium is filled with parts of that vision, imparting readers with a future where the dead walk under sunless skies and the few living things are reduced to slavery under vampiric overlords that hunt them for sport. Anyone who studies the Grimoire Necronium too intensly falls into insanity over the bleak future it promises.


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