"If there's one thing more certain than the treachery of Elves, it's that a Skaven will always betray his own... and that the Headtaker's ego won't allow the memory of defeat to walk free."
Grimnar Halfhand, recounting his victory over Queek Headtaker.[1]

Grimnar Halfhand, also knows as the Halfhanded and formerly as Grimnar Ironbeard, was a mighty Dwarf Thane and the avowed enemy of Queek Headtaker.


Grimnar Ironbeard was one of the few survivors of the massacre at the watchpost of Karag Durak. During the battle, he engaged the Skaven Warlord Queek Headtaker in single combat, and while he was able to defeat the vermin, his hand was badly wounded.[1]

After the battle, Grimnar pledged to exact revenge on the fiend who killed his warriors and took his hand. Swearing a grudge against his foe and gathering his kinband around him, he took to the tunnels beneath the Worlds Edge Mountains in pursuit of the insane warlord.[1]

Marching at the head of his clan, the Dwarf Thane was an impressive sight. A beard as grey as steel spilled from the open face of his winged helmet, the proud mess falling over a Gromril breastplate to where it was tied off around his ample waits with a leather braid. He wielded a hand-axe as his weapon, with a steel-rimmed shield strapped over his left forearm, painted blue and bearing the simple rune symbol of a mountain. Grimnar wore it over his mangled hand...[1]


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