Also called "the Harsh Master", Grimmaz is a mighty rune-axe that was crafted during the War of Vengeance for the Jarlki clan, one of the ruling clans of Karak Ungor. It was used to great effect by Grim Jarlki, and gained fame during the storming of the last Elf colony in the Old World at the site of present-day Marienburg. With the fall of their Dwarfhold in –1500 I.C. to the Night Goblins of the Red Eye tribe, the Jarlkis, like other noble clans, found refuge in Karaz-a-Karak, where they planned the recovery of their lost hold.[1a]

Led by King Skorri Morgrimson, the clans attempted to retake Karak Ungor in –975 I.C. The Dwarfs had some initial successes and Strakerd Jarlki, head of the clan, was given the task of holding the southern gate area as a contingent of Dwarfs infiltrated the underground levels of the hold. A fierce counterattack by Goblins of the Twisted Claw tribe drove Jarlki's forces from the gate, sealing the fate of the Dwarf contingent below. Ignoring the Dwarfking's command to hold his position until reinforcements arrived, Strakerd died trying to breach the Goblin lines and recapture the gate. The Dwarfs were forced back to the valley outside Karak Ungor, and eventually had to retreat back to Karaz-a-Karak. Grimmaz has remained in Goblin hands ever since.[1a]

In the closing phases of the Great War Against Chaos, King Belegar led a contingent of Karak Ungor Dwarfs to the lost Dwarfhold, hoping the establish a permanent base as Skalf Dragonslayer had done near Karak Azgal over a millennium before. The King's confidence was buoyed by a new weapon crafted by Runemaster Skal Skallansson. One of his more immediate objectives was the recovery of Grimmaz.[1a]

The greenskins proved too numerous. Belegar was mortally wounded in the final skirmish and the kingship fell upon his son, Ulfar. The fallen king was returned to Karaz-a-Karak, where he was interred until the day that Karak Ungor is recovered.[1a]

There are unsubstantiated stories that Grimmaz has passed from the hands of the Twisted Goblin tribe to the more dominant Red Eye tribe before being traded to the Hobgoblins east of the Worlds Edge Mountains. Some say that it has been seen in the possession of a marauding band of Tainted Dwarfs found near the High (Belyevorota) Pass, northeast of Praag.[1a]

Grimmaz is said to be a great runic weapon with the power to increase the speed and fury of its bearer's attacks. It is also rumoured that the axe has the ability to destroy an opponent's weapon, even if it has its own enchantments. Prince Ulther, the most recent leader of the Karak Ungor Dwarfs and grandson of King Belegar, has put forth a bounty for information leading to the recovery of Grimmaz. Many who have taken the challenge have never been heard from again.[1a]


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