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Grim Barloksson, the youngest Master Engineer in Dwarfen History.[1a]

Grimm Burloksson is the youngest Dwarf to pass the many rituals required to be named a Master Engineer.[1a]


As the son of the Guildmaster Burlok Damminsson, it was always expected that he would follow in his father’s footsteps. Even as a beardling, Grimm exhibited all the signs of a skilled inventor; when other aspirants were still learning basic principles, he had already constructed a self-lighting pipe, a steam-powered beard-braider and a double-barrelled rifle that could kill a half-dozen Greenskins with one shot.[1a]  

Even the eldest guildmembers conceded his ability; however, there were signs that his judgement was suspect and he did not value the ancient laws that Dwarf Engineers are expected to follow. Grimm’s rebellious ways are not unexpected, for his father also went beyond the experimentations attempted by all headstrong young Engineers. Only a tragic accident and the ritual humiliation of a close comrade forced Burlok to change his ways, and many say that Grimm is heading down the same wrong path.[1a]  

Unheeding of advice, Grimm continues to forego the precision tuning so beloved by his guild and instead focuses on the trial and error of his own bold inventions. He has devised a telescopic sight that fits over his battle helm and better allows him to triangulate aiming computations, and those who have fired using his enhanced black powder and modified crossbow bolts find their range greatly increased. In emulation of his father’s augmentations, Grimm has invented his own steam-powered gauntlet, thus increasing his own strength significantly. An eccentric, if somewhat erratic genius, the young Engineer torments his guildmates by attempting new designs, questioning past methods and stubbornly refusing to give up new inventions.[1a]


  • Grudge-raker - With two barrels, this weapon can riddle a single target or blast a swathe into oncoming troops.[1a]
  • Cog Axe - Whether by steam-powered clamp or teeth located along its blade, the cog axe can catch and break a foe’s weapon.[1a]



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