Grim Grunnson

Grim Grunnson conversion by Nick Kyme

Grim "Dead Eye" Grunnson was a dwarf engineer and boatman.[1b]

In his younger days, Grim was an engineer of Barak Varr. However, he was kicked out of the Engineers Guild for his odd habits, such as drinking engine oil and wanting to build wooden ships. Upon leaving the guild, he became a bargeman in the Empire, working on a barge known as the Sea Hawk with a group of fellow dwarfs.[1b]

However, this life came to an end when a group of goblin pirates, lead by Kap'n Skabend, ambushed the dwarfs. On the sinking barge, Grim and Skabend fought in single combat. In this battle, the dwarf lost his eye, and the goblin his hand, but both got away alive, swearing vengeance.[1b]

Later, Grim Grunnson and his crew of Sea Dogs were hired by Josef Bugman to guard the cargo of a journey down the River Sol.[1a][1b] There, Kap'n Skabend and his River Ratz attacked Bugman's barge, this time at the behest of the Goblin King Git Guzzler.[1a] However, the goblins were not able to sink the boat or to kill Bugman.[2a][3a]

Grim Grunnson's eventual fate is not known.


  • Dwarf Telescope: This telescope, was a gift by the Engineer Guildmaster back in Grim's days at Barak Varr. He used it in battle to help aim his pistol with greater accuracy.[1b]


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