Grigori of Kislev.[1]

Grigori Medvezhiy was a Kislevite hero, renowned for his strength.


Northeast of the Empire lies the country of Kislev, standing just south of the Chaos Wastes. The people who live in this region are hardy people, strengthened by the cold of the lands that they live in, and hardened by the constant invasions from the North. They are known as Kislevites, and they are known to never back down from any challenge.[1]

Grigori Medvezhiy had been born and raised as a blacksmith, and at age eight had begun to assist his father in the forge. During this time, there were several small incursions from the North into his village, but his father had always sent him to guard the children of the village, rather than letting him fight.[1]

However, at the age of twelve, a large raid swept down upon the village, and Grigori saw his father cut down by a Marauder with a curved blade. Grigori stepped forward, issuing a challenge to the much larger Northman, who merely laughed at him. Grigori lunged forward, grabbing the larger man by the throat. The Northman's laughter turned to gasps as Grigori's vice-like grip crushed his throat.[1]


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