Not to be confused with the elite Winged Lancers, the Gryphon Legion.

Griffon Legion

The Griffon Legion.

The Griffon Legion was a large contingent of elite Greatswords who, aside from the famed Reiksguard, acted as the Emperor's personal bodyguard.


In addition to the soldiery of Altdorf and the Reikland - all of whom owed him direct loyalty - the Emperor also had a personal bodyguard of several thousand soldiers, paid for out of his own, not inconsiderable, wealth. Though looked down upon as overpaid, gilded mercenaries by the militiamen of Altdorf, the Griffon Legion was as fine a body of soldiery as any to be found in the Imperial states. Though much of the Griffon Legion was destroyed during Altdorf’s fall, several regiments of greatswords escaped southwards with the Emperor, to continue the fight from Averheim’s walls.[1a]


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