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The Griffon Gate is the oldest of Ulthuan's great mountain fortresses. It is also held to be unlucky by those who serve within it, for it always seems that foes besiege the Griffon Gate long before they consider carrying their blades against its sister fortresses. Yet the Griffon Gate's defenders forgive their fortress its odd fortunes, for there is still honour to be earned upon its walls. Furthermore, there are few more glorious sights than when the first rays of sun strike the colossal golden statues that stand watch over the gate. To be present upon the walls of the Griffon Gate at sunrise, it is said, is to be reminded of the Golden Age of the Elves, and to know one's hope reborn. Perhaps this is why, despite many hundreds of sieges over thousands of years, the Griffon Gate has never once fallen to its attackers. No matter how overmatched its defenders, the golden fortress of the western mountains has always held true.[1a]

Soldiers of the Griffon Gate pride themselves on being as unblinkingly watchful as the creature from which their fortress takes its name. The Griffon itself can be found on all their banners and shields. The Griffon Gate is also the only fortress to include Shadow Warriors as part of its garrison. No one knows why this is so, for the Shadow Warriors remain silent if asked.[1a]

The Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers of the Griffon Gate are sited in accordance with the instructions of the garrison's Shadow Warriors, for none know the fortress' approaches better than they.[1b]


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