"I pledge with every last drop of my blood to fight to keep the Grey Lady Pass open and protect those who would use it for the greater glory of Ulric. In Ulric’s name."
The Grey Wolf pledge

The Grey Wolf Temple is a small fortress high up on the Grey Lady Pass. It has been there for many thousands of years, some say almost as far back as the time of Sigmar. It is there to offer hospitality in the name of Ulric to those travelling to and from Bretonnia. The Templar Knights of the Order of the Grey Wolf have manned the temple for generations. The two-dozen or so knights scout the area and keep the pass free of bandits and predators in return for a small donation from those travelling through.[1a]

The knights are hardened folk, dedicated to their cause and excellent warriors. They are quite prepared to fight to their deaths to defend their temple and Ulric’s glory; in fact, they have sworn an oath to do just that.[1b]


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