Warhammer Grey Mountains

Map of the Grey Mountains

The Grey Mountains are the mountain range forming the border between the Empire to the east and Bretonnia and the Forest of Loren to the west, and are mainly inhabited by Grey Dwarfs and human mountaineers. It stretches out from the Vaults in the south to the Pale Sisters in the north close to the Sea of Claws. One pass bridges it, the Axe Bite Pass which is guarded by many fortress cities, such as Castle Montfort, and ends close to the great city of Parravon at the Bretonnian side while at the side of the Empire it is flanked by the stout fortress-city of Helmgart in Reikland.[1a]


The Grey Mountains form the Empire’s western border, separating it from Bretonnia. Passes cut through them at several points, the most famous of which are the Axe Bite Pass, the road for which begins at Bogenhafen and passes through the fortress town of Helmgart before descending into Bretonnia, and Grey Lady Pass, which gives passage from Ubersreik to the plains between Parravon and the Loren Forest. The Grey Lady gains its name from the legends of Fretha, a woman of the Age of Wars who promised to wait faithfully for her warrior husband to return from an expedition against Bretonnia.[1a]

When he did not return, she went to the top of the pass and built a hut to watch for him. There she died during a blizzard, mad with grief, having waited over fifty years. Locals say she remains there to this day as a ghost, waiting to snatch travellers she mistakes for her husband. Outside of the few towns and mining villages, the Grey Mountains are mostly populated by a few Dwarfholds, more common in the southern range than in the north, where the mountains trail off as Chaos-tainted hills in the Wasteland. The Dwarfs are a declining presence, however, as the mines play out and more and more of the population moves to the Human-dominated cities. Hidden amongst the crags and valleys between the Axe Bite and Grey Lady passes squats the ruined castle of Constant Drachenfels, commonly considered abandoned.[1a]

The Grey Mountains as well serve as Bretonnia's eastern borders. Unlike the Empire however, the Dukedoms of Montfort and Parravon maintains a stronger control over the mountains due to their ducal capitals being constructed on the mountains itself whilst the Dukedoms of Quenelles, Couronne and Gisoreux claim some hilland territories. Castle Montfort controls the western end of Axe Bite Pass whilst Castle Parravon controls a fortress high up in the mountain range, where it is said that they train their Pegasus for war.[2a][2b]


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