About 80 miles southeast of Middenheim is a small clearing that holds a tiny community that has stood undisturbed for nearly a thousand years. The original structures are still intact, being built from granite and roofed with slate shingles. In the centre of the village stands a headless idol of Ulric. Though all the buildings still stand, creeping vines cover them. The road is overgrown with grass and weeds, and it appears no one lives there anymore.

A few rangers and trappers who have passed through the place report a strange coldness coming from the buildings. Inside each are tables with old trenchers and tankards arranged as if the people disappeared in the midst of a meal. And when explored, the visitors see fleeting movement at the edges of their vision, shadows of things that don't exist.

In truth, the people of Grey Hollow still live here, but after centuries of inbreeding and mutation, they can scarcely be called Human any more. Most of them have joined the herds of Beastmen that hunt in the expanse to the north, but those that remain are twisted, malformed sacks of oozing flesh and disease. They secretly worship Nurgle who has, for whatever reason, extended his protection over this tiny community. When outsiders come through, the inhabitants flee to their hand-dug cellars, waiting until the interlopers go on their way. They have developed some skill with magic, enabling them to create odd and disconcerting experiences that they use to great effect. Those who discover the people of Grey Hollow vanish, presumably filling their cook pots for an unholy feast.[1a]


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