Grenzstadt is an Imperial fortress-town that is located at the northwestern end of Black Fire Pass, and commands lucrative trade traffic from traders moving through the Old Dwarf Road.[1a][2][3a] Ruled by a representative of the Elector Count, Grenzstadt is a center of the fur, gem, and metal trade, with a large guild market and warehouses within its walls.[1a] At any given time, foreign merchants, trade caravans, and pilgrims can be seen in the town.[3a]

However, Grenzstadt's strategic location means that it also bears the brunt of many orc invasions into the Empire. Because it is in the Elector Count's best interests to keep the town settled, the Leitdorf family has in some cases resorted to giving monetary incentives for tradesmen to settle in the town.[2]

Grenzstadt also lends its name to the Grenzstadter white wine.[4a]

Dwarfs & Smugglers

Grenzstadt's location near the Dwarf Realms means it houses one of the largest black markets for plundered Dwarfen treasure. While it's true that tomb robbers are despised throughout the Old World, the Dwarfs hold a special enmity for those who would despoil their sacred vaults.[3a] This leads to hostility with Grenzstadt's resident Dwarf population,[1a][3a] which makes up about ten percent of the total.[1a] Some of these are Dwarfen Lawbringers dispatched from Karaz-a-Karak specifically to deal with the black market.[3a] Others claim merely to be traders who provide high quality goods and services for those who can afford their prices. However, they are not above suspicion. Rumours state that many of Grenzstadt's resident dwarfs are in fact agents for their clans on the lookout for smugglers of pilfered dwarf treasures. Although these rumours are generally dismissed, they would explain the recent disappearance of several miners who bragged of a "big new strike" in the hills.[1a]

Although the Dwarfs have recovered many ancestral treasures, one tomb robber continues to evade them – the Ghost of Grenzstadt. Whether the Ghost of Grenzstadt is a lone individual or a team of despoilers is unknown. The only reliable information the Dwarfs have gleaned about the Ghost is that he or she is an experienced tomb robber specialising in the acquisition of Dwarfen artefacts from ancient ruins scattered throughout the pass.[3a]


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