The town of Grenouille Gate straddles the Grismerie where it meets the border with Brionne to the east. A collection of fortified wooden buildings and boathouses, the Gate exists to regulate and tax the trade that passes in and out of Mousillon. It is an unusual town by Bretonnian standards as it exists for reasons of trade and is run largely by representatives of the many merchants' clubs that dominate Bretonnian business. It is at Grenouille Gate that legitimate cargoes coming up the river out of Mousillon are checked and taxed, with both the merchants and the Crown taking a cut. Though these taxes are high, the gate is the only place that a cargo can leave Mousillon without the Knights of the Cordon Sanitaire assuming it is illegal. The merchants are very vigilant, and it is exceptionally difficult to smuggle anything through Grenouille Gate. The Gate is also home to a few boating companies that specialise in sending cargoes (and the odd ill-advised passenger) into Mousillon and back. These companies hire the toughest, most trustworthy boatmen and boat guards from around Bretonnia, and it is a hardy breed of men who repeatedly venture into Mousillon for pay.[1a]

Grenouille Gate is administered by a loose council of representatives from the merchant clubs, including heavy presences from the Brethren of the Lighthouse, the Rooster and Kettle (who buy the firearms and other exotic weapons often brought into the docks of the City), and Inequitable Life (who is widely suspected of sponsoring criminals that smuggle less legitimate cargoes through the Cordon). Bretonnia's nobility is represented by Sir Parvon, a hard-nosed and bullish knight who, as well as serving as the Castellan of the closest Cordon watchtower, also rarely fails to ensure that the crown takes a piece of the trade coming through the Gate.[1a][1b]


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