Calm-faced Gregori Sorgher, the high priest responsible for cult affairs in Kislev, is panicked. Recently, a letter from his unknown benefactor arrived at his offices in the high temple of Altdorf. It claimed that the sender had proof that Volkmar, the man Gregori had once believed to be the prophesied Champion of Light, was now Undead, reinvigorated by profane Daemons. Appalled at the thought, Gregori does not want to believe it, but he has received many letters from the same source in the past, and they have always proved to be correct.[1a]

Indeed, he may not have achieved his current position if it were not for the secrets his benefactor had let slip his way. Gregori has no intention to meet with the mysterious man to secure the proof, he is not that stupid; instead, he plans to send a low-ranking, and easily disposed, member of the cult, someone faithful and reliable, someone used to getting into difficult situations and surviving.[1a]


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