Count-Palatine Schadelfaust is a renowned warrior-noble, the scourge of numerous Orc and Goblin tribes of the Grey Mountains. Gregor is the first generation noble of his family, having been granted his Patent of Nobility by Karl-Franz himself following the Battle of Widow's Vale, a celebrated action in which the Emperor took part. Though a commoner by birth, Gregor is a rare example of a man who rose from low station to high purely on the strength of his skills, deeds, and character, though the fact that Karl-Franz witnessed his deeds was certainly an advantage. At the battle that earned him his peerage, Gregor Schadelfaust rescued the isolated mountain community of Widow's Vale from the predations of Orc Warlord Ghizbak Edbanger and stalled the invasion into the Reikland that would inevitably have followed had the Greenskins' migration continued unchecked.[1a]

Upon his ascension to the nobility, Gregor was made a vassal of Archduke Viktor von Walfen, and the two men sparked up an instant loathing of one another. Viktor resented the fact that a portion of his own lands had been gifted to Gregor, even if the title made the newcomer Viktor's vassal. The feeling was mutual, for Gregor was of the impression that the von Walfens may have history on their side, but had done very little of value to the Empire in many long centuries. Now, it appears as if Ubersreik is to be the stage for the inevitable confrontation between the two men. In all likelihood, the clash will be fought by proxy between hired sword and disposable goons, the two men maintaining an outward appearance of honour and duty while their agents slaughter one another out of sight.[1a]


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