Gregor Martak Thanquol

Gregor Martak, the last Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic

Gregor Martak was the Supreme Patriarch during the End Times, as of 2525 IC. He was a Wizard of the Amber Brotherhood.[1a]


After witnessing Kurt Helborg's harsh rule in Karl Franz's name, the Supreme Patriarch set out to find the one man who could bind the Empire back together. After communing with the birds and the beasts of the Drakwald, he set out to find the Emperor with the help of an old ally - the two-headed elder griffon known to him as Twinshriek.[1a]

When facing Ethrac of the Glottkin, Martak's griffon was torn apart by the might of the Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle. As a result, Martak was forced to retreat into the Imperial Palace at Altdorf. There, at the Imperial Menagerie, he was brought face to face with the Bray-Shaman called the Harbinger, who chased him, only to be killed in the effort by the Imperial Dragon.[1b][1c]

Middenheim's Last Stand

As Teclis stole the power of Ulric in his bid to save the Warhammer World, the god invested the last of his fire within Supreme Patriarch Martak, along with his control of winter and his other bestial powers.[1c]

Gregor Martak had fought long and hard in defence of the Empire. Years of loss and hardship had worn at his spirit. Yet now the last flickering power of a god flowed through his veins. Martak burned with a cold fire, his thoughts echoing with the defiant howl of the winter's wolves. He knew that he would fight to the last breath in defence of Middenheim, and would make the foe pay in blood for the ruin they had brought to the Empire.[2f]

Although he fought bravely, facing down Malagor and Kairos Fateweaver, Gregor Martak was decapitated by the Slayer of Kings wielded by Archaon himself, after the death of Valten had driven the Supreme Patriarch to rage.[2j][2k]


  • Gregor Martak as a member of the Amber Brotherhood.


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