Ork Tribe Map

Map of known Orc tribes across the Old World, the Badlands, the Worlds Edge Mountains and the western Dark Lands.

Greenskin tribes form the very basis of Greenskin society, and is the most advanced state of civilisation that their race can achieve. There are innumerable tribes of Greenskins living within different parts of the Warhammer World, and this number often fluctuates on an almost daily basis. [3a]

Tribal population can sometimes range from a mere several dozen individuals to as large as a vast horde. These tribes are often made up of several different mobs of Greenskins, each mob usually containing the same species. Greenskins often take great pride in both their tribe and mob, feeling themselves superior or "da best," whilst all the others are considered weak and worthless by comparison.[3a]

Though most tribes are often the same in their appearance and society, certain tribes possess a unique culture that makes them distinguishable towards other Greenskins. Usually these distinctions can also contribute to the naming of the tribe.[3a]

Amongst the Orcs and Goblins, legends or tribal traditions that capture their limited imagination tend to make for the most popular mob and tribal names. Not surprisingly, these are menacing names that promote violence, such as the "Bonebreakaz," "Skull Smashaz" or the "Face-stompas". Orcs in particular have been known to go to war over who gets the naming rights for a tribe.[3a]

As well as different tribal culture, there are also different tribes that consist entirely of different Greenskin sub-species. Night Goblins, Forest Goblins, and Savage Orcs are known widely for their tendency to form into their own tribes rather then to join tribes that include a multitude of other Greenskin sub-species.[3a]

This usually stems from their outlandish culture that can be seen as "odd" by some Greenskins, but usually they simply just can't stand the presence of other Greenskins.[3a]

Known Greenskin tribes

The following is a list of known Greenskin tribes:


  • Black Venom - Forest Goblin tribe south of Black Fire Pass.
  • Bloodfeathers - Forest Goblin tribe north of the Black Pit in the Drakwald Forest.


  • Cluster-eye - Forest Goblin tribe west of Altdorf and south-east of Marienburg.


  • Deff Grindaz - Orc tribe north of Karak Norn, and east of Athel Loren.



  • Gloomfangs - Forest Goblin tribe between Middenheim and Talabheim.


  • Ironskinz - Orc tribe east of Rib Peaks, Dark Lands.



  • Moonhowlaz - Goblin Wolf Rider tribe south of Mount Grey Hag. Led by the Goblin Warlord Graf Mankfur.






  • Scabby Eye Tribe - Goblin Tribe who live north of the Dragonback Mountains and have a rivalry with the Blue-Faced Orc Tibe.
  • Snakeblood Tribe - Savage tribe who brew and drink a concoction of Snakeblood that sends them into a wild frenzy. Kindred spirits of Night Goblins.



  • White Orcs Tribe - Bandit Tribe who coordinate ambushes on every caravan running through the Dwarf Silver Road.



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