Greedy Fist

Greedy Fist

All Ogres are in awe of the near-sentient gauntlet known as the Greedy Fist. On great occasions, but always after an especially monumental feat of violence occurs in a tribe's maw-pit - such as a spectacular guts-out challenge for Tyranthood or a particularly brutal pit-fight - a strange and wondrous thing has been known to happen. From out of the bones and broken bits that gather in the corners of any maw-pit, crawls a black ironfist, moving on its own, its articulated finger joints pulling it across the bloody ground. With punch-spikes of iron and tusk embedded into the knuckles, the formidable weapon drags itself to a worthy Ogre who may then claim it for a time.[2a]

Canon Conflict

In Warhammer Armies: Ogre Kingdoms from 6th Edition, the Greedy Fist was an ancient, near-sentient ironfist painted to resemble the Great Maw itself, with a black palm and Sabretusk teeth tied to the fingers and thumb.[2a]


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