The Great Pyramid of Settra was an immense monument built within Nehekhara. It was meant to be the final resting place of Settra, the Imperishable, whose body was interred in -2350 IC, in preparation for when he would arise to his Reign of Millions of Years.[1b]


As Settra lay dying, full of anger and pride to his last breath, the priests of the Mortuary Cult promised him a golden paradise that, upon his awakening, he would rule for millions of years. When the king perished, it was with a curse on his lips. Powerful incantations were intoned over his corpse and he was embalmed in a great ritual. Preserved against decay, the body of Settra was entombed within a mighty sarcophagus in the heart of a majestic pyramid of shining white stone. The monument was so bright that it hurt mortal eyes just to look upon it. The pyramid was vast and it towered over the city of Khemri. It was the largest and most magnificent monument ever created in Nehekhara, for no simple cairne would befit a king as might and powerful as Settra. All of his treasures, along with his most loyal servants and bodyguards, were also interred within his pyramid. Settra's mighty legions, which had carved out his ream at his behest, were arrayed deep beneath it in colossal tomb pits. Loyal even unto death, these soldiers were buried alive in preparation for the Day of Awakening when Settra would arise and lead them to war once more. At the head of the funeral procession strode Nekaph, Settra's most loyal servant, mummified at the right-hand side of his beloved king, in order to serve him in the next life.[1a]

For thousands of years afterwards, the priests of Khemri tended the funeral flames outside the sealed tomb, nurturing Settra's immortal spirit with sacrifice and incantations in preparation for the Day of Awakening. No tomb before or since has ever had such powerful hieroglyphs of warding and incantations of protection heaped upon it. During this time, the priests of the Mortuary Cult continued to develop their unlocking the secrets of immortality and of bringing about the time of Settra's resurrection.[1a]


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