Warhammer Great Pox Rat

A mighty Warlord ridng ontop a Great Pox Rat

Great Pox Rats are abhorrent, bloated and hideously overgrown vermin that was bred as a form of combat-mount for many Skaven Warlords. To engorge a Giant Rat to even further mass and obesity requires a Master Moulder of extraordinary talents, and the right blend of growth agents and hide-grafts. They are covered by mangy fur overtaken by patches of poxes and dripping lesions. A Great Pox Rat's filth-encrusted mouth is filled with needle-sharp teeth, sabre-like incisors, and yet-to-be-discovered diseases. Once astride the heavily bloated Great Pox Rat, a Warlord can rightfully twitch his tail in pride, for surely none would be so foolish as to challenge such a mighty personage.[1a]


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