The Great Library of Mordheim (also known locally as the Great Library or Mordheim Library) was amongst the great landmarks of the city prior to the fall in 1999 IC.[1a]

The North-East Quarter of Mordheim was renowned for trade and learning. When Mordheim was a living city, the crowded labyrinth of streets and market plazas were called the Merchant's Quarter, more commonly known as the District of the Flying Horse. Mordheim became known as the finest market of the city in the Empire, rivaling even the busiest ports as Marienburg. There were many traders who would claim that for the right price they could locate any object for you so desired in a day.[1a]

Another notable aspect of the North-Eastern Quarter was the Great Library. During the rule of the extravagant Count Ignatius Steinhardt, the library grew extensively to become the largest building in the entire city. The Count was particularly fond of collecting mystical and religious tomes. Of course, unwittingly, The Great Library managed to collect on of the largest deposits of Daemonic and Necromantic lore in the Empire.[1a]

Now after the disaster struck Mordheim Library was engulfed by flames from the comet. Only the bravest ever consider going anywhere near the ruins but the lure of ancient tomes is enough to persuade mages from across the Empire to hire warbands to retrieve any books that they can find. For enough gold, fools can find enough bravery to risk even this dark place.[1a]


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