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Warhammer Bear

A Great Bear of Kislev

In the lands of the Empire, the Griffon has always been the traditional symbol of the Emperor, while the Bretonnian Kings use the Lion as their heraldic symbol. In the far north, however, the Great Bears have always been the rulers of the wild; here they are the king of beasts. It is thus no wonder that the bear is the chosen decoration of the banners of the Tzars.[1a]

Many of the nomadic tribes of the steppes worship a great bear-like spirit as a god. When they hunt bears, they perform many rituals to calm the spirit of the beast, lest it haunt them ever after.[1a]

For the Kislevites, the bear symbolises not only strength but also authority and nobility. For a Kislevite, to be called a bear is a great honour. Indeed it is worth noting that such is the reverence attached to these magnificent beasts that only three even of the Tzars of Kislev have been named after a bear.[1a]

The Great Bears of Kislev are truly a sight to behold, larger and more powerful looking than other bears from around the Old World. These great creatures are ridden to war by the noble Sons of Ursa, the greatest warriors of the Kislevite army.[1a]


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