Of all the Stonehorn burial grounds scattered around the Mountains of Mourn, the largest and most sought after is the Granitetooth Graveyard. Here the chill wind gusts around hundreds of petrified Stonehorns, their statue-still bodies covered in thick layers of ice and snow. In the shadows of these great beasts, sheltered from the worst of the flesh-biting storms, can be found the littered bones of countless adventurers who foolishly sought their fortune in this treacherous land. Beside the skeletons of Men lie those of Dwarfs, who believed that the hearts of Stonehorns' transformed into giant blood-diamonds upon their deaths, and Skaven who heard tales that the fearsome beasts turned into solid warpstone.[1a]

It is perhaps unsurprising that so many expeditions have ended in disaster, for in the blizzard-like conditions that perpetually engulf the Granitetooth Graveyard, it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between a dead Stonehorn whose form long ago turned into stone and precious gems, and a dying beast whose body is still undergoing the final stages of petrifaction. These ancient Stonehorns stand virtually motionless amidst the forest of their deceased kin, their frost covered forms indistinguishable from great statues. However, when mining-tools and pick-axes bite into their rocky skin and chip away gemstones, fossilized eyelids suddenly crack open, a sound that is almost imperceptible in the howling winds, and the only warning that the treasure-seekers have just made the biggest mistake of their lives.[1a]


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