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"It is not the strong enemy we must fear, the danger lies with the weak who flock to their banner..."
Rueben Wrolfgar, Grand Theogonist.[1a]

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The Grand Theogonist is the head of the Cult of Sigmar and most important religious official in The Empire. He is often a great Warrior Priest and usually one of the Emperor's staunchest allies and most trusted advisers. His official titles include also Theogonist of the Empire, the Arch Lector of the West, and the High Priest of Altdorf, amongst many other titles.[3b] It is no surprise that many of his duties are across the multitude of important high priests in Altdorf. He is also one of the Electors, meaning he is able to vote for the next emperor (invariably, his vote goes to the Count of Reikland).

When a Grand Theogonist dies, the Lectors convene beneath the Cathedral of Sigmar to appoint his successor.[4a] By tradition, a Grand Theogonist adopts a Dwarfish name or epithet when he assumes the office.[3a]

Badges of Office

  • The Jade Griffon is a massive amulet of jade in the shape of a griffon said to be blessed by Magnus the Pious. The Grand Theogonist wears it on his chest.
  • The Staff of Command is a staff with a griffon carved on top. It imbues the Grand Theogonist with inhuman strength.

Known Grand Theogonists

Name Reign Notes
Johann Helstrum 73 IC First Grand Theogonist
Jürgen II circa 500 IC Nicknamed "Ogreblood". For him, Thorgrim, a large mattock was crafted by Dwarfen runesmiths
Ottokar 501 IC Persuaded Sigismund the Conqueror to invade Marienburg
Marius Mollus 850 IC Dragged away by a Flesh Hound after proclaiming Sigmar was the only god
Zigmund II 990 IC Was granted the electoral vote by Ludwig Hohenbach in exchange for renovations of the Imperial Palace. Died a short time afterwards from his own obesity.
Uthorson 1100 IC Secretly a servant of the Ruinous Powers. Slain by Thorgrad
Thorgrad 1111 IC Relocated the centre of the Cult of Sigmar to Altdorf. Perished during the Black Plague
Gazulgrund 1111 - 1124 IC Installed as a puppet of Adolf Kreyssig, representative of Emperor Boris Goldgather
Siebold II 1682 IC Officially recognised the Witch Hunters
Jürgen IV Age of Three Emperors Called for a crusade into Sylvania; was ignored
Vilgrim III 1979 - 2000 IC Denounced Empress Magritta as illigetimate, beginning the Dark Ages.
Wilhelm III 2051 IC Killed Vlad von Carstein
Kurt III 2132 IC Endured Mannfred von Carstein's Siege of Altdorf
Reuben Wrolfgar 2287 IC Banned the Liber Malefic
Kazgar XIV 2369 IC Held the funeral oration of Magnus the Pious
Thoss 2400 IC Persecuted followers of other cults
Viktor Helmgart 2415 IC Ended the Night of a Thousand Arcane Duels
Hedrich Lutzenschlager 2420 -2429 IC Was Grand Theogonist during the fall of Diederick Kastner
Yorri XV 2512 IC Predecessor of Volkmar
Volkmar von Hindenstern Incumbent Current Grand Theogonist

Storm of Chaos

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Name Reign Notes
Volkmar von Hindenstern ? - 2521 IC Slain by Archaon, later resurrected by Be'lakor
Esmer III 2521 IC Appointed Successor of Volkmar, fled to Marienburg after Volkmar was recovered and decrying him as tainted by chaos
Volkmar von Hindenstern 2521 - Present Reinstated after the Storm of Chaos, recovering under the care of the temple of Shallya

End Times

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Name Reign Notes
Volkmar von Hindenstern ? - 2522 IC Died during the End Times; body used to resurrect Nagash
Kaslain 2522 IC - ? Presided during the End Times


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