The Grand Ball of Sigridschlosse was an event of shocking debauchery. The nobility of that corner of the Empire, ever a decadent and perverse lot, made sport of inviting the gods themselves to take part in their banquet.[1a]

As the nobles began their orgy of excess, every courtier who had partaken in the strange-tasting banquet transformed painfully into a Daemonette, and the magisters at the head of each table burst open like seed pods to reveal Greater Daemons of Slaanesh. The resultant bloodbath saw the town of Sigridschlosse burnt to a cinder, and the plumes of smoke drew no less than six war wagons full of State Troops to the site of the massacre. Battle was joined in earnest, but as ever more blood was spilt, the Daemons of Khorne manifested within the ruins of the banquet hall. For a full week the conflict raged, consuming the neighbouring towns before the Daemon hordes vanished cackling into the ether. Such is the price of mocking the Dark Gods.[1a]


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