Graf Wilhelm von Saponatheim is the titular ruler of the town of Bögenhafen, and his line is considered an upstart by many others, for its Patent of Nobility is far younger than theirs. Despite this, the von Saponatheims have interests throughout the province of Reikland, their coffers swelled by the production of fine wines sold across the Empire and beyond.[1a]

Graf Wilhelm has cast his eye upon Ubersreik of late, for he is a wily individual well versed in what he terms "aggressive takeovers". The more established noble houses in the Ubersreik region are bitterly resentful of Wilhelm's interest there, and it is not inconceivable that several may set aside their own feuds long enough to ally against him. The Lord of Bögenhafen is cunning enough to have foreseen such a turn of events of course, and has made arrangements to buy or coerce the loyalty of several key individuals should he need to do so.[1a]


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