Aschaffenberg CoA

Graf Tobias Aschaffenberg's Coat of Arms

The Aschaffenbergs were granted the Patent of Nobility relatively recently, having been elevated to noble status by Magnus the Pious himself in the aftermath of the Great War Against Chaos. Graf Tobias Aschaffenberg is one of the most powerful members of the house, which is native to Ubersreik. His seat is a large, if somewhat ramshackle, peak-top castle south of the town, overlooking the confluence of waterways that converge to form the River Teufel. Tobias holds the title Marquis of Grey Lady Pass because the defence of that mountain corridor is the most sacred duty of his clan, entrusted to him centuries ago by Magnus himself. It is a duty the Graf takes very seriously indeed, and one he will do anything to fulfil.[1a]

The Graf's determination extends to every aspect of his line, of which he is so proud to be a scion. He is utterly ruthless in dealings with other noble households, especially those he regards as scheming against his own, and he has fought numerous duels against those he has fallen out with. As a native of Ubersreik, Graf Tobias regards it as only proper that should the town's status change, he should be the man to assume the mantle of liege.[1a]


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