Graf Steirlich von Bruner is a bitter man, twisted by the weight of failed ambition and the dark deeds he has committed in his quest for power. Many whisper that the von Bruners harbour a curse, but few have any inkling that Steirlich is touched, by fate at least and perhaps even by the Ruinous Powers. Steirlich is but a low ranked member of his house, his seat a fortified mansion in the midst of the remote Hagercryb Hills. He rarely emerges from his hall and when he does it is more often in secret than in the open. Few have ever seen the Graf's face, and rumours concerning the range of his disfigurements abound. Some even whisper that he is touched by dark powers and his body deformed as a result.[1a]

The Steward of Grauwerk has been drawn to Ubersreik because it provides an opportunity to expand his somewhat measly power base. Certainly, he has the ambition and the ruthless streak to do what must be done should things turn nasty in the freetown. To date, Graf Steirlich's superiors in the von Bruner clan have sought to rein in his darker methods, but how long that may be the case remains to be seen.[1a]

The Graf is known amongst the peasants of Grauwerk for his determination to rid his lands of any bandits or other menaces. He commonly hires bands of stout-hearted, strong-armed adventurers to keep the peace. However, some find his willingness to investigate unnatural occurrences suspicious.[2a]

Steirlich von Bruner is named for his ancestor, also called Steirlich von Bruner, who was first gifted the feif in 1138 by Mandred Ratslayer.[2a]


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