The section of Kislev City to the north-west is known as the Grackiziema or "Learned Quarter" due to the number of religious buildings, literary types, lawyers, and scribes found here. The streets of this district are heavily patrolled by the men of the city watch, and the buildings are fairly affluent, though nowhere close to the wealth of the Koztowny area of the city. A great many scribes, officers of the law, and functionaries of the Tzarina make their homes here, and the many taverns and food shops are a hotbed of intellectual banter and debate. Many of the greatest Kislevite writers, such as Kostoy and Verbosk learned their craft here, and it seems that every second shop runs a printing press, inking the latest pamphlet from hopeful writers.[1a]

In times past, revolutions have fomented here, and the Tzarina's agents keep an ear to the ground to watch for any overly vocal agitators or demagogues that harangue the crowds from the platforms in Heckler's Market.[1a]


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