Grabnatz Sourbelly conversion by Guy Haley.

Grabnatz Sourbelly was a Goblin Shaman and leader of the Sourface Goblins.[3a]


He was a shaman obsessed with tinkering and experimentation, in particular within the field of potion-brewing. He has only been able to watch in envy as the engineers of the dwarfs and men master the creation and use of Black Powder. His own "fungas" brews have not been as successful, although some have had useful, if unpredictable results. Despite his lack of success, he considered himself the "Graytizt Gobbo Mynd uv 'Iz Tyme", and believed that someone was always out to get him for his ingenious ideas.[1b]

The goblin warlord Git Guzzler, in a prelude to his attack on Bugman's Brewery, dispatched Grabnatz and his goblins to destroy one of the watchtowers that surrounded the area.[1a] For this task, Grabnatz developed a special, explosive fungas brew.[1c] Later, Grabnatz and his tribe took part in Git's attack on the brewery itself.[2a] Following this, they seem to have fled into the Worlds Edge Mountains.[3a]

Due to his ingestion of many bizarre and experimental fungal concoctions, Grabnatz Sourbelly developed a constant belly ache known as Gut Rot, which also can lead to extremely foul-smelling emissions. He was always protected by his loyal but dimwitted bodyguard, the orc Gulag.[1b]



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