Grünburg, sometimes spelled Grünberg[2a] is a town within the province of Reikland that supports a ferry system.[1a]

Downriver from several major trading towns, Grünburg is no stranger to trade goods bound for the Reik, but it is in riverboat manufacture that Grünburg truly excels. The town’s boatyards are in constant operation, churning out the barges that keep the Reikland's trade afloat.[2a]

The open fields to the south-east of Grünburg appear verdant and peaceful, but are known locally as the Battle Plains. It was here, long ago, the ruthless advance of the fearsome Orc Warlord Gorbad Ironclaw was finally stalled. Uniquely in Imperial military history, the Battle of Grünburg was almost entirely contested by mounted troops on both sides. This quirk of history has made the Battle Plains a site of interest for archaeologists, antiquarians, and grave robbers, all keen to excavate debris from beneath the blood-soaked earth.[2a]


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