Reiker Marshes

The Grünberg Canal is a Reikland canal running from the town of Grünburg on the River Teufel to Prieze on the River Reik. Built to bypass the treacherous Reiker Marshes, it now carries most of the barge traffic from the Teufel.[1a]

The south end of the canal is actually within the walls of Grünburg. A toll house is located here, where barges travelling in both directions must pay a tax based on the length of their vessel. At the other end of the canal is the lock-keeper's house in Prieze. This also doubles as the barracks for the twelve-strong regiment of Roadwardens tasked with patrolling the path that runs along the canal. Although they are tasked with helping barges using the canal, they in fact run a protection racket, allowing bandits to attack any vessels that have not paid for "protection."[1a]

The Grünberg Canal was commissioned by Emperor Luitpold, as part of the dowry to the previous Baron of Grünburg. However, it was not completed until 2506 IC, a few years after Luitpold's death.[1a]


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