"The Aethyr; the Immaterial; the Warp; the Source; the Void; the Thesis; the Antithesis; the After-Realms; the Nether-Realms; the Chaos Realm; the Underworld; the Infernium; Paradise; Limbo; Hades; Sheol—its names are as numerous as the cultures that spawned them, yet the place is the same. We of the Gold College have identified this metaphysical Other as the Prime Reagent, the great catalyst that enables all possibilities. Yet it must be one of our primary goals as an Order to understand and document why and how magic exists."

"I tend to believe in the dual nature of the mortal universe (being actual or physical reality) and the Celestial (being unlimited possibility, or, as our Order might better conceive it, the ultimate catalyst). The Celestial is the interaction between the certain and finite ‘Is’ of the physically existent and the non-certain infinite ‘Un’ of the Prime Reagent that are, I would suggest, the two opposites through whose interaction the entire “process” of Reality is made possible. Without the catalyst of change, the mortal world would be static, timeless matter that could not move or alter.
Extracted from A Modest Treatise into the Nature of Magic, Penned by the late Gotthilf Puchta, Patriarch of the Gold College.[1a]
Gotthilf Puchta

Magister Patriarch Puchta.

Magister Patriarch Puchta of the Golden Order is famous in nearly every College of Magic.


It was Puchta he who penned the influential (and enormous) book on magical theory known somewhat misleadingly as A Modest Treatise on the Nature of Magic, over one hundred years ago. Copies of this massive tome can be found in most of the Colleges of Magic and even in a few private libraries of Magisters and wealthy nobles. It is not a book of spells but of solid and complex theory, analysing the nature of magic, the Chaos Realm, and other such esoteric and occult matters.[1b]

Although not as famous among the public as Magister Luminaries Volans or von Tarnus, in Collegiate circles, Gotthilf Puchta was one of the most respected Magisters to have ever lived.[1b]


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