"We were set up sixty years ago to find and eliminate Chaos worship and the rouge use of magic in the army. A decade later there was a scandal in the Reiksguard - you can read about it in the records - and we got responsibility for the Imperial court as well. That's our official role. Unofficially, we track down and monitor cults across the Empire. Not just the Ruinous powers. Renegade wizards, heretics, political conspiracies, mutants, the works. We keep a low profile. Our job is easier if people don't know we exist."
Gottfried Braubach, former captain of the Untersuchung.[1c]

Gottfried Braubach, captain of the Untersuchung, is presumed dead but his body was never found. Always a cynic, he rarely a smiled, and many found his humour bland and off-putting. However, his expertise in disguise and infiltration made him an indispensable asset in regard to training secret agents in the never ending war against Chaos.

Braubach was instrumental in finding and eliminating many Chaos Cults all around the Empire, and his experience in unraveling conspiracy has allowed him to train many in the art of deception. His wise (and sometimes sarcastic) teachings has proven to be invaluable to those he had taken under his wing.


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