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Gotri Hammerson.

Gotri Hammerson was a fearsome warrior and master Runesmith. He rose to become one of the Dwarfs' most vital leaders during the events of the End Times


Few Zhufbar Runesmiths escaped Karaz Ankor's fall, and Gotri Hammerson was the eldest of those who remained. Like Ungrim, he was determined that Dwarfs and Men would fight together against the hordes of Chaos, and felt only deep shame that more of his kin did not agree. Nonetheless, there were enough dwarfs amongst the dispossessed Zhufbarak who believed as Hammerson did. Thus did the runesmith bring a respectable-sized throng to Averheim's walls. He was personally protected by his elite Anvil Guard, clad in Gromril armour and bearing heavy shields marked with his own runes of resistance and shielding.[1a][2]

Gotri Hammerson had always sworn to avoid Athel Loren and its treacherous inhabitants, so it still boggled him to be fighting a battle inside its borders. Then again, his younger self would never have believed that he would one day go into a hopeless battle for a human's sake, and for a human wizard at that. Nonetheless, it was plain to Hammerson's sight that Gelt's power did not derive purely from gold magic. The blessing of Grungni - perhaps even the spirit of Grungni - was with him, for what other explanation could there have been for the runes sparking to life in his presence?[1b]

Over the course of the End Times, Hammerson and his Dwarfs forged a strong friendship with Jerrod and his knightly Companions. The old Runesmith respected the Bretonnians as a hardy folk, who through their knightly code, understood the value of oath and honour. They fought like it was what they were bred for, and their charges hit almost as hard as a proper Dwarf cannonade.[2]


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