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Gorgivich Krakvald with Helmut von Carstein and Gunther von Grecht.

One of the three vampires Mannfred selected to join his Sylvanian army as lieutenants, Gorgivich Krakvald, a distant Harkon relation, was a warrior with little arcane talent; as a vassal he was indifferent towards Mannfred, a mere opportunist.[1a]


None amongst Mannfred’s army were more bloodthirsty than Gorgivich and his Knights. He led them into the massacre of Modruin and slaughtered every living soul in Ostwald, he rode at the fore of this unit, his standard bearing the image of Krakvald Castle.[1]

During a ferocious battle against the Tomb Kings, Krakvald led his Knights of the Red Death into the enemy ranks. These were Blood Knights, among the pinnacle of heavy cavalry. Their plate armour was impervious to their foes' weapons, and with their own tall lances lowered, Gorgivich and his Blood Knights crashed through entire enemy regiments. With the ease of a blade drawing a line in the sand, Krakvald and his knights clove a path straight through the enemies army.[1]

As the Vampire wheeled his unit about to begin the slaughter anew, he saw a lone figure awaiting them in the dunes. It was the enemies' most ancient Liche Priest. From a dusty scroll, he chanted and the curse was answered. The sand beneath Gorgivich and his knights boiled, coming alive with the crawling insects of the desert: gnawing Khepra Beetles and stinging Numak Scorpions surged upwards in a black wave. Tiny enough to fore their carapaces between joints or chinks in their armour, the swarms covered the Knights of the Red Death. An ignominious death for the peak of martial prowess from the North.[1]


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