Every Dwarf craves gold with inexplicable lust. However, they consider only items of master craftsmanship worthy enough to join their treasure pile. An individual who simply piles rude ingots or vulgar coins upon his hoard is considered extremely uncouth by his fellow dwarfs.[1a]

The Guild of Goldsmiths comprises the greatest of dwarf artisans, many of whom can spend decades or even centuries creating their masterpieces. A dwarf's social standing is not only measured by the size of his treasure hoard, but also by the names of the craftsmen who have worked the artefacts within it. The most famous goldsmiths are renowned throughout the Karaz Ankor and the greatest among them are sought out by the karak kings. Once a dwarf king acquires a master goldsmith's services, he keeps him virtually imprisoned in his workshop, well-guarded against any attempts by a rival king to coax him away with a better offer of employment.[1a]


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