Gold College

In the swanky Neustadt district of Kemperbad the Golden Bull appears as a genteel inn or gentlemen's club, and the clientèle would seem to support this notion, save for a few ostentatiously-dressed, golden-robed patrons.[1a]

The inn is a place for the rich businessmen of Kemperbad to meet and learn from the Gold College. What they learn exactly, is kept strictly behind those closed oak doors. Nobody talks about it to strangers, and the members are a tightly knit bunch. According to some, they would reveal the nature of events there on pain of death. Needless to say the aspiring merchants of Kemperbad want nothing more than to be admitted into such an exclusive club, and regard insiders with bitter jealousy.[1a]

A number of alchemists have moved permanently to Kemperbad, and great plans are afoot. Some are already saying that the secret to transmutation has been discovered. If that could be believed it would explain Kemperbad's great wealth, but the notion raises many more questions than it answers. Some say it is just a scheme and a lie by the Gold College to get as much money as they can from gullible and greedy merchants. Verifying these claims is obviously difficult – one would have to ask a Gold Wizard to disclose secrets tightly guarded by his Order.[1a][1b]


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