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When Dwarfs gather for an evening's drinking, which is most evenings, a popular entertainment is the Gold Song. During the Gold Song, the Dwarfs sing about gold and each drinker sings a verse in turn. Each Dwarf must use a different word for gold when he sings his verse, and any Dwarf that repeats a word already sung or who is unable to think of another word for gold pays a forfeit. As the forfeit is inevitably to buy another round of drinks a Dwarf will often invent a new word for gold rather than admit defeat. If this new word goes unchallenged then he avoids the forfeit and another word for gold is invented.[1a]

Dwarfs have many words for gold in their language reflecting their value, weight, lustre, colour and even the gold's history. It would be impossible to document all of them, but the following are among the most common.​[1a]

  • Bryn - particularly shiny and lustrous.​[1a]
  • Galaz - of decorative and ornamental value.​​[1a]
  • Gorl - soft and yellow in colour.​​[1a]
  • Gorlm - old gold, passed down through many generations and left undisturbed in guarded treasure vaults.​​[1a]
  • Konk - ruddy, reddish in colour.​[1a]
  • Ril - Gold ore or new gold, recently minted.​​[1a]
  • Frorl - lucky gold, known to bring good fortune and prosperity.​[1a]
  • Kurz - unlucky gold, that which has been used in misadventure or in which the recipient has fallen foul of circumstance, such as gold that has been used to pay for inferior goods.​​​[1a]


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