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The Gods of Law came into existence at the same time as the Chaos Gods, and are dedicated to their own ideals of permanence and stability. If they were to succeed in overthrowing the Chaos Gods and establishing their rule over the Known World, all change and development would cease, and nothing would ever change. The Gods of Law are worshipped by a few individuals in the Old World; though their worship is not proscribed, it is not popular either. Most Old Worlders prefer their own, mostly Neutral, deities.[1a]

The Powers of Law are regarded with a degree of uncomfortable mistrust by most Old Worlders, and the Old World's priesthood is no exception. While there is nothing illegal–and indeed, much to be praised–about the precepts of the various cults of Law, their extreme philosophy and disdain for others does not often sit well among the essentially neutral people of the Old World.[2a]

Gods of Law


  • The Law Gods have been largely ignored in later editions of Warhammer.


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