Arrogance is inherent to a Vampire, as well as delusions of Godhood. A Vampire who gains Godly Convictions takes his arrogance to a whole new level, however. He becomes convinced, unshakeably, in his own supremacy and dominion, not just over mortals, but his own kind, his own weaknesses, and the entire world. It is a small step, after all, from a Vampire observing he can bring up a storm at will to believing he commands all storms as master of the air and winds. For one who feeds upon the souls of the living, it is easy to conclude he is the ultimate arbiter of life and death.[1a]

Vampires with Godly Convictions are even keener to conquer the world than their fellows and destroy all those who persist in denying their divinity. Far more dangerous, however, is their assumption of inviolate invulnerability; what fear, after all, has a God of a mortal, or even another Vampire? What danger can the sun hold for the master of the heavens? Adamant in their omnipotence, Vampires with Godly Conviction refuse to take precautions, thus opening the door to their own destruction.[1a]


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