The ability to spear a large monster from a distance or to skewer several man-sized creatures in a single shot appeals greatly to the violent and bloody nature of any greenskin. The bolt thrower, or Spear Chukka as it is termed by Orcs and Goblins, is a device commonly found in greenskin armies. Working along the same lines as a giant crossbow, the device fires a single spear-sized bolt at high velocity. A well-placed shot can bring down a row of oncoming infantry, penetrate the armour of a steel-encased knight or even slay an Ogre with a single shot, which is no easy feat given their considerable girth![1a]

Made from wood, scrap metal, or even the bones of enormous creatures, Spear Chukkas are easy to build, transport and maintain, making them popular war machines with all types of Warbosses. When working bits break, as is common with such dubiously made contraptions, it is easy enough to lash the pieces back together. Spear Chukkas can be found not just in the battlelines supporting advancing troops, but also atop watchtowers, mounted aboard rickety greenskin-made ships, perched atop siege towers, bolted onto the mobile caravans of the Shiftymobs and other, even less successful adaptations. Every so often a bright young gobbo will attempt to strap a firing platform and some Spear Chukkas atop a Giant, but such experiments fail as soon as the towering lummox breaks off a piece of the war machine to use as a backscratcher.[1a]


  • Goblin Spear Chukka


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