Reputed to be the favoured runic hammer of the Funimrik clan of the Karak Vlag Runesmith craftguild, Gnoldron, or "Old Thunder", was created during the War of Vengeance by runesmith Arnek Ragasson. Old Thunder gained fame as it battered down the gates of several Elf strongholds, as well as crushing the heads of many an Orc warboss during the millennia-long war against the greenskins. It was also said to have been used by runesmith Chrobak Ironarm to slay the dragon Ioridrak.[1a]

The hammer was last possessed by runesmith Tudnak Haudssen at the time of the last Incursion of Chaos when Karak Vlag fell. All traces of the Dwarfhold vanished, along with those who called it home, and the hammer Gnoldron was believed to have suffered the same fate.[1a]

Over a century ago, Kislevite trappers in the nearby Worlds Edge Mountains encountered a band of Tainted Dwarfs whose leader was carrying an ornate warhammer. One survivor of the onslaught, Ivan Keanovich, reported that this magical hammer was able to shoot lightning bolts at will. Through some research in the Great Library in Marienburg, the Imperial explorer Tomas Ostermann determined that the little information provided by Keanovich was enough to convince him that the magical hammer was indeed Gnoldron. Ostermann mounted an expedition in 2430 I.C. to recover the hammer, but he never returned. His journal, which was given to the Temple of Verena in Middenheim, was the only record of his last expedition.[1b]

Gnoldron is believed to have an unknown and powerful Master Rune inscribed in its head, giving the hammer the ability to shoot lightning bolts at distant targets while causing a deafening thunderclap whenever it hits an object or opponent. Some believe the Master Rune also protects its bearer from similar magic attacks like lightning and fireball.[1b]

It is not known if the weapon had any other rune. What is fairly certain is that the person finding this runic hammer could demand a sizable reward from any Dwarfking or Rune Lord for its safe return.[1b]


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