"Little green things that catch little things. Mind you I did see one of them Elfs with a bear trap clamped on his 'ead once, made me laugh fer days."
Anonymous Ogre[1a]
Warhammers Gnoblar Trappers

A drawn depiction of a Gnoblar Trapper

Gnoblar Trappers are intrepid Gnoblars that delight in catching and torturing small animals and follow Ogre Hunters to battle. These outgoing but vindictive Gnoblars are the largest and most intrepid of their kind, and delight in catching and torturing the small ferocious mammals that populate the foothills of the Mountains of Mourn. Once they have finished 'playing' with these animals (usually jabbing them with sharp sticks), they either devour them there and then or take them back as an offering to their Ogre masters as a light snack.[1a]  

They will attempt to capture and kill anything up to the size of a mountain goat. Gnoblar Trappers decorate themselves with the pelts of their prey, and are adept at laying mantraps, stake pits and barbed nooses of all sizes. On the battlefield, Trappers will crawl forward unnoticed into areas of brush and woodland, lying in wait for any that seek to use the cover to flank their Ogre masters. Occasionally, a small bunch of Gnoblar Trappers will form a self-appointed gaggle of followers for one of the hardy Ogre Hunters, pelting those that charge their role model with sticks, stones and mantraps without actually ever putting themselves in harm's way.[1a]


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