Warhammer Gnoblar Manbiter

A drawn depiction of a Gnoblar Manbiter

Gnoblar Manbiters are the biggest and most elite of their kind, their name being an imitation to the Maneaters they serve.


Manbiters tend to aspire and become better than other Gnoblars and this has led many Manbiters to embark upon wild, irrational expeditions across the continent. Sometimes a large mob of Manbiters will band together and travel together or with groups of Maneaters as mercenaries and sell-swords on short-lived quests to gain fame and steal good war stories as Dogs of War.[1a]

It is no wonder that they consider themselves the elite of Gnoblar-kind. Dressed in patched together equipment of outlandish styles and raised on endless war stories from across the continent, they strut around the camps like all-conquering heroes returned from strange and savage lands. Constantly exposed to Maneater stories, they all aspire to be like their master. Though few will ever leave the Ogre tribe, let alone return after years of mercenary work, they constantly re-tell the stories they hear as their own. Often they fail to understand a whole story and so their own tales are bizarre and improbable mixes of many misunderstood tales. Many smaller Gnoblars have caught onto their need for an audience and sit though their confused tales hoping to scavenge food or possibly even a cupful of Ogre beer.[1b]


  • Gnoblar Manbiter Miniatures (White Dwarf)


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