"Gnoblar fighters, hmph, right. Need to be taught their place. Still, funny when they die though."
Anonymous Ogre.[1a]
Warhammer Gnoblar Fighters

A drawn depiction of a Gnoblar Fighter.

Gnoblar Fighters are the bigger Gnoblars in a tribe, and form bands in order to try and steal shiny things during battles.


The larger members of Gnoblar society have a tendency towards independence. These Gnoblars forsake their baggage-carrying brethren and band together into loose but numerous groups that take to the battlefield in the hope of stealing some particularly choice shiny things before the Corpse-Harvest.[1a]

Gnoblar Fighters arm themselves with an assortment of broken bottles, swords, spear tips, false legs, fangweasels, pointy sticks and rusted daggers - basically anything they can get their grubby, grasping hands upon. Most of the time the Gnoblars will loiter near the Ogres, making threatening yelps and menacingly shuffling forward. In extreme circumstances (ie, actual conflict) Gnoblar Fighters will frenziedly jab their enemies in the nether regions with their 'weapons' until either they or the enemy stops moving. Every now and then, their sheer numbers enable them to pull down their foes in a tide of snapping maws, stabbing blades and pure malice. When things do not quite so well and they start to die in their droves, well, they're only Gnoblars...[1a]


  • 6th Edition.


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