The Empire town of Glumund once lay in the shadows of the Grey Mountains. It was a prosperous place, like many of the small market towns that down the Reikland. Known for its cheese and the plumpness of its livestock, there are none now living that know of Glumund's darker, more ominous past. During the years of the Black Plague, the fertile farmlands were turned into a shanty-camp where the captured citizens of the Empire were driven and collected behind crude stockades, before being herded into tunnels from whence none returned. The many caves that surround the town have long been filled in and the few written records of those black days were lost in the great fires of Altdorf. And so it was a matter of wonder and speculation, no foreboding, when in the Imperial year of 2517 the town of Glumund simply ceased to be. Not a single merchant plied the streets, nor farmer tilled the fields. The citizens disappeared in the night, never to be seen again.[1a]


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