On a small crossroads along the Old Forest Road lies the tiny village of Glumhof. Here brave citizens have dared to settle, facing the horrors that live in, and rampage through, the Drakwald Forest. But even though they are protected by stout walls and a watchtower built and garrisoned by soldiers of the Empire, there is constant danger of sudden and ruthless attack.[1a]


Citizens of Glumhof are extremely dour. The small village has an air of inescapable gloom, perhaps due to the long suffering the ill-fated hamlet has sustained over the years.[1b]

  • 1450 - Entire population joins crusade, never again to return.[1b]
  • 1560 - Glumhof destroyed entirely during Empire civil war.[1b]
  • 2522 - Recently rebuilt town collapses into unexplained tunnels. Only gnawed bones remain.[1b]


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