Being exposed to warpstone and other forms of Chaos energy is never a good thing. For just as Chaos can mutate the body, so too can it distort the minds of the mentally weak. When Chaos is able to attack and mutate the brain, the end result is the Glorious Corruption.[1a]

When someone who has significant insanity but no defined disorder comes into contact with Chaos energy, he loses his existing insanity, but the Glorious Corruption takes hold of his mind.[1a]

In the beginning, the afflicted suffers a penalty to one of his characteristics at random every day. After one week, the person then suffers a permanent decrease in teamwork, and begins to get strange ideas. For example: bathing leads to death, all money is fake, animals are spying on him, sleep is for idiots, putting dirt in your pocket keeps Elves away, and so on.[1a]

After the first month, he begins to hallucinate. The hallucinations mainly come in two forms: visual and audio. People will see normal things turn inappropriate colours, inanimate objects move, shadowy figures lurk just out of view, animals speak, religious iconography suddenly appear in various objects or in the sky, and so on.[1a]

Auditory hallucinations can include the sound of footsteps behind the afflicted, hissing or buzzing sounds, and voices. The voices always speak in commands, ordering the individual to do some specific thing like tell everyone the world is going to end or kill the tax collector because he’s an agent of Chaos.[1b]

After the second month, things really go downhill. The person suffers a penalty to all of his characteristics, and even less teamwork. Every day he must be tough enough to avoid becoming mutated. If he fails, the mutations begin slowly, with the eyes, mouth or head. Once the mutations have begun, the person no longer can resist them.[1b]

In the third month, if the afflicted is still alive, he must continue to be tough enough every day to avoid turning into a Horror of Tzeentch. If he fails, the last vestiges of his mind are destroyed as something spectacularly grotesque happens to his body, usually turning inside-out and growing copious arms, legs, and mouths. The individual has transformed into a Daemon of Chaos and loses his sense of self.[1b]

Both Witch Hunters and the followers of Tzeentch are eager to find those suffering from the Glorious Corruption.[1b]


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