The Glade of Woe is the site where Morghur met with one of his many deaths within Athel Loren. No living being touched by the Corruptor’s blood would ever truly recover. A gnarled oak tree, branches twisted like claws, still marks the place where Morghur’s tainted blood was spilt.[2a]

The Glade of Woe is dominated by a single huge blasted oak. This hulk of a tree stands blackened and scorched. Its gnarled branches claw the sky like hands raised in anguish and outrage. The trunk is hollow and the void extends deep into the earth. For the Elves this is an awesome place of dark ritual.[1a]

Here mages gather for their secret councils. It is a place towards which the vilest of invaders are lured to be ambushed and slaughtered by the Elves. Their bones are intwined in the roots of the tangled thorn bushes. Despite all this, the Glade is not such a grim place as one might think. The trees and bushes around about are laden with purple and blood-red berries which the Elves gather to make drinks and potions and the ground is carpeted with earth-hugging forest plants and flowers. It is an area rich in fungi, lichens and mosses of all kinds, indeed all the ingredients needed by mages for their magical potions.[1a]


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